Collagen Biostimulators

Collagen is an important fibrous protein in the deeper layers of our skin. It provides structure and also supports the functions of elastin and the water-binding molecule hyaluronic acid in the skin. In short, collagen helps maintain the skin’s shape, while keeping it smooth and hydrated. A healthy supply of collagen means you will have a firm skin and a youthful appearance. Around the age of 30 a loss of collagen leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. To combat this we can use Collagen Biostimulators in the form of Injectables ( Hyperdilute Radiesse and Sculptra), PDO Threads and Platelet Rich Fibrin. Collagen Biostimulators can be used in the face, neck, decolletage, arms and in the buttocks, thighs and knees to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Collagen Biostimulators are a gradual process to improve the appearance of skin and maintain a natural look. The results will last up to 25 months, however your body will continue its aging process. It is recommended that you maintain your collagen stimulation annually.

Types of Collagen Biostimulators

Hyperdilute Radiesse is a diluted mixture of the original Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxyapatite) with saline and lidiocain that is injected into areas where the skin is showing sagging and looseness and texture issues. The calcium hydroxyapatite molecules in Radiesse then stimulate the body to build new collagen. This naturally firms and improves the area, adding volume to the sagging area and improving the skin texture. It provides subtle volume with a skin tightening effect. 2-4 treatments on average are needed.

Sculptra is an injectable collagen treatment that uses a substance called poly-L-lactic acid, PLLA. Sculptra contains microparticles of PLLA that are injected into the deeper skin layers . The microparticles are mixed with sterile water before injecting, so the injected volume will have an initial effect that will fill out wrinkles and add volume to the skin. A few days after the injection, the water and other constituents are absorbed by the body while the PLLA microparticles remain in place. Now you will look like you did before the treatment, but deep inside the skin, collagen production will increase. Slowly but surely, Sculptra starts rebuilding collagen. Sculptra provides proven volume. On average 3-4 treatments are needed.

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